Knowing all the facts makes a difference....

To anybody that finds a review posted on weddingwire by BreeAnna Ybarra - we felt it was super important to set the record straight and be as transparent as possible so all the facts are clearly stated on this page so no false statements or bogus claims can be posted about the company or the skilled people that worked on this particular wedding in July 2017.
All service providers arrived on-time or early at the venue. They all did their absolute best that day to make her satisfied and the co-owners and services manager did their best to resolve this dispute with BreeAnna. One of the staff apologized in several phone conversations and drove up to their house in Mount Morris to offer a personal apology and discuss a resolution for claims they made after the wedding including giving a refund of $1,050 which they agreed would fully resolve the situation. They agreed in 2017 before and after the refund was given to not post any negative reviews online or seek additional payments from the company in the future.
Here we are more than 2 years after the wedding and she posted a negative review on WeddingWire. Worst of all she makes no mention of the services manager going out of his way trying to do the right thing by offering an apology face-to-face at their residence and nothing about the $1,050 refund he gave them in Fall 2017 to fully resolve this matter 2 years ago. Even without a proven breach of contract - she was still given a refund.
The package came with nearly everything including a full service DJ, photo booth, videographer, and 2 photographers. The company delivered edited photos and video DVDs to their home as quickly as possible. We printed out the chain of e-mails just in case they posted any false statements or made bogus claims about our managers never responding to any of their concerns after the wedding.
We saved eyewitness accounts on file in case this bride ever posted a negative review. From multiple persons that were present that day but requested from our manager their identity remain confidential so this bride has no way to contact them about statements they gave to help with this dispute.
Given all the facts we know of, the excellent services given by the partner DJ and photo booth companies, both experienced photographers and videographer we assigned to this wedding, the substantial $2,100 discount they were given upon booking; it was not possible to issue a refund of more than $1,050 and the reasons for this decision were based on the following:
1. The videographer had minimal space to setup and record the ceremony video and could not move from the front of the chapel to the back during the ceremony. The videographer could not move to the center after the bride walked down the isle without disrupting the ceremony of blocking guests from clearly viewing the ceremony inside the chapel located in Clio, MI.
2. All efforts were made in 2017 to resolve the dispute with the couple as quickly as possible.
3. No shot lists were given by the bride to the female photographers and no requests were given that day that were ignored by either photographer. At no time did the couple request specific photos of the photographers and they did not raise any concerns that night about not having specific photos taken.
4. The person hired to shoot video received full compensation for shooting  all day. He did not fail to perform his services to the best of his abilities.
5. Company spent every dollar and more to cover all expenses for this wedding and not one person departed early from the venue.
6. No breach of contract occurred for this wedding services contract. A refund was requested by the couple of $1,050 and the services manager did remit those refund payments out of his pocket. He made those payments within 3 months - sending several post office money orders.
7. The method or manner by which videography takes place is always subjective and shot only by experienced videographers. All video was edited by a professional and saved to DVDs as required by contract.
8. All video post-processing was performed free of charge. The video is online to view on YouTube.
Eyewitness Accounts:
Witness 1. I've worked in this industry for many years and never had a more difficult experience working for a bride. We all did our best that day to provide excellent services. She was given a refund which I strongly advised the company not to do.
Witness 2. The videographer was not allowed to be at the back of the chapel as to permit wider coverage of the actual ceremony. He was instructed by the staff not to move during the ceremony. The front side was the only place he could record.
Witness 3. The staff should've allowed the videographer to move around. He was stuck in the corner. The room had small rows and they were filled and the bridal party filled the entire front of the chapel.
Witness 4. I've been doing photography for several years and never miss a shot on purpose. Worked hard all day taking hundreds of shots and spent many hours editing them afterwards. The bride never requested shots and she did not give us a list of specific photos she wanted taken that day. I was shocked when I heard the company gave her a refund.
Witness 5. The DJ, photo booth woman, videographer, and both photographers were all very nice and professional all day. Nobody had anything bad to say about this team from all the people I spoke to.
Witness 6. The manager drove up to their home twice after the wedding to apologize and to discuss a refund of their money out of his pocket that year. They told him they would never post a review if given a refund of $1,050.00
Witness 7. From what I could see that night at the chapel and inside the venue; they were all polite, friendly, arrived on-time even with nasty weather prior to the ceremony. One immediate family member was very late which caused the bride a lot of stress and made the ceremony start late at no fault of the photographers or videographer. The videographer was also recording a slow spinning transition video inside the bridal suite which I've never seen anybody do before.
Witness 8. If a shot of the couple kissing was not taken, it was not missed on purpose. One photographer was distracted by a staff member and the the other photographer was having high speed flash misfires. It happened so quickly and not at the traditional moments near the end of the ceremony. It was over in 3 seconds. The manager tried to create a first kiss image using two other images so they would at least have something as close as possible. Not much else he could do. One photographer returned her full compensation 2 weeks after the wedding for not taking that one shot.