Knowing all the facts makes a difference....

To anybody that finds a review posted on WeddingWire by Landon Duke - we felt it was super important to set the record straight and be as transparent as possible so all the facts are clearly stated on this page so no false statements or bogus claims can be posted about the company or the skilled people that worked on this particular wedding on May 4th 2019.
The service providers arrived on-time or early at the venue. They all did their absolute best that day to make her satisfied and the co-owners and services manager did their best to offer a better package with a different DJ at no additional cost to the couple. They agreed after the change to not seek additional payments from the company in the future if the cost was higher. The amount they spent on their discounted package was $979.98 but the total cost paid by the company was $2,449.00
Here we are more than 7 months after the wedding and Landon Duke posted a negative review on WeddingWire. Worst of all he makes no mention of the amount they spent, the amount they saved on this package, the quality of the services they received from Dave the DJ or the reasons why a partial refund was not given by the services manager. Even without a proven breach of contract - he continues to harass the company.
The package came with nearly everything including a full service DJ, photo booth, Up-Lighting. The DJ drove 2 hours to the venue, performed all services to the best of his ability, and drove 2 hours back home that night. We printed out the chain of e-mails just in case Landon Duke posted any false statements or made bogus claims about our services manager never responding to any of his concerns after the wedding day.
We saved eyewitness accounts on file in case this person ever posted a negative review. From a few people that were present that day but requested from our manager their identity remain confidential so this person has no way to contact them about statements they gave to help with this ongoing dispute.
Given all the facts we know of, the excellent services given by the partner DJ we assigned to this wedding, the substantial amount of savings this couple received $1,469.00 paid by the company; it was not possible to issue a partial refund of $150.00



Eyewitness Accounts:

Witness 1. I've worked in this wedding industry for many years. They did their best to provide excellent services. The groom was demanding a refund after the wedding which I strongly advised the company not to do. They were given more than 50% discount for all services they requested on the contract. The business is not a charity.
Witness 2. They were nice and professional. Nobody had anything bad to say about this team from all the people I spoke to.
Witness 3. From what I could see that day at the venue; they were polite, friendly, arrived on-time.